Eros – Chris Spheeris

Chris Spheeris, the famous Greek composer who lives and works in the US making Greek Music known in the other part of the Atlantic Ocean,  presents us Eros, an instrumental theme dedicated to the people who love each other. Spheeris  is known and loved for his beautiful melodies and elegant productions.

Eros is Spheeris at his romantic best. The music in Eros is uplifting, soothing, inspiring and comforting, energetic yet subdued. It flows beautifully and puts the listener in touch with something beautiful.

Spheeris’ music speaks directly to the heart; Eros is a track from the homonym CD Eros, a perfect Cd for two people who love each other. It is very seductive and dreamy and it takes me to a beautiful place every time I play it.

The music in this track builds in intensity with a soaring Middle Eastern flute (the ney) before Spheeris pays homage to his Greek heritage with a bouncy yet graceful ballet between acoustic guitar and synth.

The Greek heritage of the composer is evident, as there are moments where the Mediterranean and Eastern influences are obvious throughout the track. The genius of Chris Spheeris here is that he’s under no time constraints; he allows themes to build and motifs to drift, then recur, and tackle several different melody and harmony lines over the course of one tune.

Eros is a touching theme – play it and let it guide your senses.

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