Erotiko – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song Erotiko by Eleftheria Arvanitaki translated to English

Erotiko – English lyrics

An anguish, truly (it is) to cross love’s narrow path, again
till darkness of death might fall one day
narrow deep and sorrowful that I recall for a long time
what does it cost me to the “heart, its re-crossing

Let it be even so, what is the use, I am always searching for the kiss
an ultimate (final) kiss, first kiss and with so much yearning
I am always searching for the kiss, that many vowed me
and yet, noone was ever capable to offer it to me

May be one day when I am lost returning once more to the deep
and with (in) the night secretly, (we may) become yet again … (a) couple
this undiscovered kiss that I yearn much for
as if an old due” of hers (that one day) she, may bring it back to me again

Erotiko Arvanitaki 

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