Erotokritos – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song Erotokritos by Nikos Xilouris translated to English

Erotokritos – English lyrics

Have you heard of the sad news Aretousa?
Your father has exiled me

He has given me only four more days to stay,
and after that I must go far away abroad alone

And how am I going to be separated from you,
and how am I going to live without you into such exile?

My end is coming, know it my lady
that they will bury me in exile, my remains will be there

I understand that your father is going to get you married soon,
seeking a son of a king and nobleman worthy of you.

And you cannot resist the wishes of your family,
they defeat your mind and alter your desire.

Only one favor I am asking you, my heart’s ruler,
and after that I would happily be done with my life;

The moment you will get engaged sigh deeply
and when you are a bride, when you change as a married woman

Let your tear drop and say “Poor Erotokritos
what i promised you i forgot, what you wanted exists no more”.

Once every month in your room
think what I have suffered for you, feel sorry for me in your heart

And take this painting from the drawer
and the songs I sang to you, that you enjoy so much

And read them, look at them and think of me
that I was exiled for you far away

And when they tell you I am dead, feel sorry for me and cry
and the songs I created, burn them in fire.

no matter where I end up and how long I live,
I promise you neither to see another woman nor to gaze at.

And let ill-fated me vow that I never saw you,
that you were like a lit candle extinguished in my hands.

Better to be with you in death than with another one in life,
it is for you that my body was born into this world!


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