Esy me ksereis pio poly- Alexiou & Pliatsikas

Haris Alexiou and Filippos Pliatsikas sing “Esy me ksereis pio poly“, a Greek song which translates to “You know me better” in English.

Esy me ksereis pio poly is a nice duet performed by two of the most distinguished artists in entechni Greek music today: Haris Alexiou and Filippos Pliatsikas.

It is known that we love Alexiou, but we love her even more when she tries new things. And this collaboration with Filippos Pliatsikas was indeed perfect for that time, since their voices blend beautifully together.

The song is composed by Haris Alexiou, who aso wrote the lyrics along with Filippos Pliatsikas; it is a love song with vaguer meaning: you know me better than anyone else in my life.

Sometimes we say that to the people that are closest to us, but also to remind ourselves that we are probably somewhat lonely, not only because we have chosen so, but mostly because relationships are little too superficial these days. So, we all tend to choose a few, just a few people who can be close to us, who can learn about us in depth.

And tonight that you found me again in this abandoned city
take me with you
Hide me in your coat,make me part of your body
till the edge of your mind,till the edge of your sky

love and need in just a few lyrics.

Esy me ksereis pio poly (you know me better) is an amazing song by two great voices!

Esi me ksereis pio poli 

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