Eternity and A Day – Eleni Karaindrou

Eleni Karaindrou composes and performs the theme from Eternity and A Day, called “By the Sea”. The track was heard for the first time in the soundtrack of the movie Eternity and a Day.

Eleni Karaindrou is the loyal composer in Angelopoulos movies, and if we may add, one of his most powerful cards. Her music is touching, inspiring, so emotional and vivid at the same time.

“Eternity and a Day”, the movie,  won the 1998 Palme d’Or in Cannes and deservedly so. It is a beautiful, meditative, thought-provoking film. The music dresses the film properly: absorbing, captivating and mesmerizing, the main them of Eternity and a Day is probably one of the most distinctive theme songs in Greek music.

Karaindrou is one of the very few – but really very few – Greek women composers who have managed to capture our souls and minds with their music. It is needless to say how successful and widely recognized she is.

The music theme from Eternity and a Day is included in many CDs – compilations of the best themes in music internationally. No surprise here…

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