Eurovoice Winner is Cyprus

Eurovoice 2010 Winner is Cyprus. The final night of the grand show was by far an amazing night with much more audience, excitement and passion. Cyprus managed to win with the group Secret. Panos Nikolakopoulos and Flora Theodorou are “the voice” of The Secret.

The second night of the event was very successful, and all countries were pleased with their participation. The highlight of the evening was Enrique Iglesias, who went on stage for four songs. Of course he performed songs like “Your Hero” and “I Like It”. The entire Athens Arena went close to collapse from screams and applause. Enrique proved to be a big star and sang live! Mariana from Cyprus, a fan of Enrique, went on stage and the singer allowed her to stay with him and at the end he kissed her in the mouth!

The First Night of Eurovoice – Organizational Problems

Many organizational problems plagued the first night of the European music contest Eurovoice. The event is being held for the first time in Greece. It being held in Athens at the acclaimed Athenon Arena.

The audience left the venue feelings dissapointed.  However, warm applause was given to Greek contestant George Tentzerakis who sang first.  The first 10 out of 33 contestants delivered good performances.

Competition challenges already began to start during the event’s preparations. Location changes added to complications; the contest was to be held in the Olympic Stadium.  Greek music sensation Sakis Rouvas withdrew as well for unknown reasons.

The second jolt came in the first night of the contest. Anastacia herself refused to sing in Athinon Arena. The star appeared on stage in a black dress and a white sheet in hand instead of singing in the middle of stage effects. She said in a hoarse voice to the audience sank into silence that she had to announce something unpleasant, namely that she wanted to talk to the people and tell them that she wanted to be able to sing, but she was not.

Unfortunately, this production damaged her voice and she didn’t sing. Her doctor advised her to go back and to examine her. They used some smoke that damaged her voice and she could not even speak. She was very sorry as this was not a decision she wanted to take. But she felt the need to go out and tell the people about it. She appreciated that they were there for the show, appreciated their support to the music of Euro Voice and thanked them. She said she would participate again some other year. The singer made her statement emotionally, with breaks and was visibly affected. She left the stage with a bouquet of flowers from her upset fans.

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