Geia – Despina Vandi

Despina Vandi sings Geia, a Greek Song in both English and Greek Lyrics, which translates to “Hi” in English.

The song Geia, written by Foivos, is one of the most known and popular songs that Vandi ever sung, with a good impact abroad as well, especially in English charts.

The song “Geia” owes its great success to the catchy sound and melody, as it’s a perfect mixture of dance Rhythm and oriental sound, which gets our attention right away.

Combined with the exotic video clip shot in Maroco, Vandi managed to have us all whispering its simple lyrics, or moving in its rhythm.

The song actually repeats a few lyrics in Greek and English; the main theme is “how much i want you” (poso se thelo), “how much i miss you” (poso mou leipeis), but in fact, the whole deal with the song is the gripping melody and its hot video clip.

Vandi’s Geia was a summer hit and is still played in clubs all over Greece. It’s a catchy, nice and melodious song.

Music: Foivos
Lyrics: Foivos
Performed by: Despina Vandi



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