Gia ena Tango – Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou sings Gia Ena Tango, which means For a tango (dance), in English.

Gia ena tango is a lovely Greek love song, written and composed by Alexiou herself. It is one of the best and most sensual songs in Greek music, due to its latin music, the lyrics full of innuendos and promises: I would give up all my money for a Tango dance and a touch of yours underneath the table.

The song just becomes so sensual and dreamy, stimulating the senses. You just feel as if you want to grab the better half from his hand and drag him somewhere to dance a close up and personal Tango dance.

When such an erotic voice blends with such a loving and erotic verse, the result could be nothing less than a great song about God Eros who points his arrows against us and makes us want this kiss that messes up with our logic. It is a song dedicated to all the people who are in love and would give up everything for a kiss and a love.

Gia ena Tango 

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