Gianni mou to mantili sou – English Lyrics

The Lyrics of the song Gianni mou to mantili sou by Glikeria translated to english

Gianni mou to mantili sou – Glikeria – English Lyrics

My John, My John,

My John your handkerchief, come on
Why is it grimy my John, my little John?
why is it grimmy my dasher?

It got grimmy, it got grimmy
it got grimmy at the exile, come on
The ugly exile my John, my little John
the ugly exile, my dasher

Five riv-, five riv-, come
five rivers have washed it, come
Oh and all five got stained by it, John, my little John
Oh and all five  got stained by it my little dasher

Gianni mou to mantili sou 

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