Gimme – One

The Cypriot band One sings Gimme, a song that represented the country of Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2002 in Tallin, Estonia. It was one of the first times that Cyprus decided to send a song with English Lyrics and that had a positive effect, since the song Gimme managed to climb to the top ten at that song contest, due to the refreshing and vivid appearance of One.

The song Gimme doesn’t claim any originality or super lyrics, but in fact is a modern, rhythmic and dynamic pop song, the kind that is quite popular among youngsters mostly. This explains the good placement in the Contest, and also the fact that it played a lot that same summer and on, and is still among the most popular Cypriot songs played. The band One doesn’t exist as One anymore, since most of its members decided to go on individually in music, but some of their songs are still played and heard, especially in summery clubs and bars.

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