The Godfather Waltz – Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou sings The Godfather Waltz, a song with Greek lyrics written on one of the most famous film music themes by Nino Rota, for the Godfather OST.

It is the first time that we ever hear the song with lyrics, since it’s an orchestral song played in the Godfather 1, released in 1971.

Recently, Haris Alexiou presented a tribute to Nino Rota, where she sung some of the famous songs of the Italian composer in Greek lyrics and of course in the original Italian version.

Alexiou wrote the lyrics herlself, describing in a few words the story of Michael Corleone, the younger son of the Godfather, whose life starts with the great dilemma, love or blood? What will he choose? Will he decide to live with his wife and love, or will he choose to continue with the fate of his family and get married to “blood”? The fate of the Corleone in the story is pre-decided… he cannot avoid what the destiny of the family has written for him…

We present here the song from the live concert of Haris Alexiou, since the song is not recorded yet, and cannot be found anywhere else! We provide the Greek lyrics she wrote for the Godfather Waltz, and our translation in English as well.

The Godfather Waltz 

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