Greece 7th at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Greece with the song Watch my dance by Loukas Giorkas and Stereo Mike managed to climb to the 7th position at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 that took place in Düsseldorf. Loukas Giorkas and Stereo Mike performed perfectly on stage, giving their absolute best for the night with a song that combined hip hop and zeibekiko dance.

Azerbaijan Wins the Eurovision Contest

The winner of the contest is Azerbaijan; that was probably the biggest surprise of the night, since the ballad is cute, but definitely not the song that could stand out easily. El and Nikki with the song Running on scared won the contest, while the 2nd and 3rd position were shared by Italy and Sweden respectively. Azerbaijan won 221 points, Italy took 189 points and Sweden 185 points.

The great favorite of the contest according to the bookers, France with its great tenor did not make it and finished at the 15th place.

The next appointment for Eurofans is set for Azerbaijan in 2012!

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