Greek Lyricist Manolis Rassoulis died

The famous Greek lyricist Manolis Rassoulis, one of the most known and popular Greek poets and lyric writers died today and Greek music is much poorer from today.

Manolis Rassoulis was found dead in his home in Thessaloniki by some friends who were worried, since they could not reach him for a couple of days.  According to the reports so far, the coroner who examined the body said that death occurred 4 days ago.

Manolis Rassoulis was born in Heraklion, Crete on September 28th 1945. He studied film studies and started his career singing in Plaka, Athens.

He started writing songs during the Greek junta – he was “self-exiled” to London, since he was completely opposed to that regime. He collaborated with many great Greek singers and created some of the most important songs of the time.

Rasoulis was creating songs till recently. His songs have been sung by all major singers in Greece, such as Haris Alexiou, Giorgos Dalaras, Glikeria, Maria Farantouri and more.

Some of his known songs are “Tipota den paei hameno”, “Ola se thimizoun”, Negrika, “niose me”, “Ah, Ellada” and more.

manolis rassoulis

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