Happy End – Despina Vandi

Despina Vandi sings Happy End, a Greek song written and composed by Foivos. The song Happy End is a song about a lost love, but an existing and pulsing sentiment.

Sometimes a break up is not enough to show us the end of love; a break up doesn’t always bring the end of love, when the feelings are deep and true.

What if I met ather guys, my heart again wants you, again seeks you, sings Despina Vandi, expressing a truth that many of us have experienced.

We might end our relationship, lose the person we love from our side, maybe make some new relationships and affairs, but we always tend to go back to the person we love the most.

There is no happy end for people who are in love, but are not together, and there cannot be a happy end in real life the way we see it in the movies.

Even if we all hope for a happy end, there is always a quite big chance that our relationship might end, even if we could never see the end coming.

Happy End 

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