Happy Nameday to Nikos Vertis

Happy Nameday to Nikos Vertis!

The nameday of Nikos is on December 6th, the day of St Nicholas, which is a very important nameday in Greece, due to the connection of the Greeks to the patron saint of sailors.

Nikos Vertis is one of the most popular Greek singers, with a huge audience, especially among youngsters in Greece. Vertis was born in Gorinchem, Netherlands by Greek parents. The family moved to Greece when Nikos was 7 years old and at the age of 15, Nikos started getting involved with singing.

Nikos Vertis started singing in small clubs in Thessaloniki and other areas in northern Greece, and he started becoming more popular in 2002-2003, when he released his first album that made him known all over Greece.

Since then, Nikos Vertis has been one of the first choices of the live stages in Athens, since he is very popular and the audience seems to adore him.

Happy Nameday to Nikos Vertis once more!

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