Haris Alexiou European Tour 2011

Great news for the Greek fans of Haris Alexiou in Europe; the famous Greek Singer announced the first dates of the Haris Alexiou European Tour 2011 that will bring her to numerous cities in Europe, after many years. The European Tour will start in early May, although for now, only the first stops and performances of the tour have been announced.

Haris Alexiou will present songs written and composed by famous Greek lyricists and composers, bringing Greek Music to the expats and giving a chance to the Europeans to get to know some of the best Greek songs.

Haris Alexiou European Tour 2011 Schedule (will be updated)

Vienna 25/9/2011

Munich 31/5/2011

Stuttgart 1/6/2011

Zürich 2/6/2011

Frankfurt  4/6/2011

Düsseldorf 5/6/2011

Bruxelles  7/6/2011

haris alexiou european tour

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