Haris Alexiou in Turkey

Since May 15th 2010, there is a Haris Alexiou street in Turkey. The name of Haris Alexiou was given to a street in the İzmir’s Gaziemir district.

The ceremony was held with the participation of  Haris Alexiou and other special guests in a rather moving atmosphere. The street where Alexiou’s father was born was named “Haris Aleksiou Friendship Street.”  (Haris Alexiou  Dostluk  Cadessi in Turkish).

Haris Alexiou said she was delighted and honored. “My grandfather, my father and my mother lived on these lands for years,” she said. “We are from İzmir and I grew up with songs of İzmir. Today, I am here to renew the friendship between the two nations.”

The Mayor of Gaziemir Halil Ibrahim Senol, noted the common history of the Turks and the Greeks.“Our children will not do the mistakes we and the earlier generations have done,” said the mayor. “Their only fight will be for peace.”

Senol said it was an honor to name a street in the district after Alexiou, whose roots lie in Gaziemir and to host her in İzmir.

Haris Alexiou, an advocate of peace and friendship between Turkey and Greece, is considered  one of the most popular Greek singers in Turkey . She has worked with important Turkish singers and composers, including the Turkish singer and composer, Zülfü Livaneli and Sezen Aksu.

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