Hollywood – Marina and the diamonds

Marina and the Diamonds sings Hollywood, a song which is not Greek, but has a Greek singer! Marina is a Greek singer living in the UK. The word Diamonds is not referring to the priceless stones or any backing group, but to her last name which is Diamandis.

Marina and the Diamonds, who is now at the Top 5 of the UK charts with her song Hollywood is actually named  Marina Lambrini Diamandis and is half Greek, half Welsh. It’s like combining sea and mountain as we say in Greece.

Marina speaks Greek fluently, she loves Sokratis Malamas and Hadjidakis, and has spent significant amount of time learning about the Greek Music. She plays and composes music herself, and her favorite genre is alternative pop.

The song Hollywood, has received the Award of “Sound of the Year” in the UK and is also in the top 20 of the European Charts. Hollywood refers to the American Dream and its influence on all the people who think that movies reflect real life. It’s the American dream that attracts so many people and make them love that charming and contradictory life in the US.

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