Hristougenna – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song Hristougenna by Despoina Vandi translated to English

Hristougenna – Despoina Vandi – English Lyrics

My heart, from Monday to Monday
there have been months by now, day and night
I’ve been thinking of you and I’ m going mad

My heart, time is running like the water
there is no turn back
and whatever we live is unique

So don’t be late, come to me right now
And don’t leave me alone anymore, my heart
Christmas is about to come
And I cry
Because it’s me who can’t be with you

I see Santa Claus smiling at me
And the lack of you is aching me twice

Christmas has come again but you are again away from me
Ah! If only I had you here, my babe, by my side
In my arms
Yes, Christmas has come again you are again away from me
It’s you only, my babe, I have in my mind

In my heart
There can’t be, can’t be “Merry Christmas” without you
There can’t be “Merry Christmas”, my little heart, without you

I wander at the streets alone ,looking around
I see people and feel jealous
Because they seem full of joy

Couples holding each other’s hand
Sitting on benches
Loneliness hurts so much tonight

Hristougenna Despoina Vandi 

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