Hristougenna – Foivos Delivorias

Foivos Delivorias sings Hristougenna, a Greek song which means “Christmas”.

Hristougenna is a sort of different song for these festive days. We are used to listen to happy songs about Christmas, about love and tender moments. However we have a totally different song here, melancholic and moving, with nostalgic references to the childhood and family memories.

It seems that Christmas is the time of the  year when many people seem to be thinking about their childhood and their festive moments while younger. Many people think about their relationships with other people, their current status and try to make their resolutions for the coming years.

The song Hristougenna sang by Foivos Delivorias has a melancholic taste, because it reminds us things from personal moments, wounds we have chosen to close, or we don’t wish to remember any more.

Maybe Christmas is the best time to see what we want for real, what makes us happy and what are the things we cannot live without.

The song Hristougenna, by Foivos Delivorias is a different song than we are used to, but it’s definitely  a very tender and sensitive Greek song.


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