I do – Kalomoira

Looking for a wedding song with English lyrics by a Greek singer? Kalomoira sings I do, a song that reminds us right away of a wedding, and indeed, this is the purpose of the song, to give us a nice way to sing “I do” to our beloved man or woman.

The song I do came out in CD Single with a wedding magazine in 27th of September just a few days before her wedding with her man. “I do” is a song whose lyrics are something like the wedding vows, talking about the fortunate moment of meeting the one who will become a husband/wife.

“I am blessed that my good fate,
Brought me you as my soul mate”,
says the song, reminding us that this is all about love and commitment, the two required and necessary ingredients in any marriage.

It is said that Kalomoira wrote this song for her husband to be, so it comes as no surprise that the song was indeed released just a few days before her actual wedding.

I do 

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