I Ellada pote den pethainei – Sofia Vempo

Sofia Vempo sings I Ellada pote den pethainei , a Greek song which translates to “Greece Never Dies”.

I Ellada pote den pethainei is one of the most known songs associated with the Greek Resistance against the Germans in 1940. It is also the hymn of the Greek pilots, a significant part of the Greek Music during the World War 2.

I Ellada pote den pethainei is a song that aims at stimulating the Greek spirit against the enemy; due to its title though it has remained as a significant slogan that Greeks recall, when their country faces difficulties, since they want to show that the country and its people can overcome any difficulty and any negative moment in history and time.

In the years of 1940 – 1944, Greeks managed to overcome the German occupation, even though the invaders had caused so many disasters and so many problems in the country.

The Greek music during the World War 2 was inspiring and motivating as the main themes refer to hymns to the soldiers, sorrow for the losses, despair for the lack of freedom and urge to fight.

It is not widely known why and how the song I Ellada pote den pethainei was chosen as one of the hymns of the Greek army pilots, since there is another song called “The Pilots’ Hymn”. Perhaps they preferred the song of Sofia Vempo due to its inspirational title.

I Ellada pote den pethainei 

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