I Sotiria Tis Psihis – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song I Sotiria Tis Psihis by Alkistis Protopsalti translated to English

I Sotiria Tis Psihis – English Lyrics

We will find again the mornings in the country
while embracing in the bed
and it doesn’t matter that so early
we will be looking around without looking for anything

The materials of safeness
are sweet words recorded on tapes
for these which came late
but the heart took them
with the arms wide open

The salvation of soul is a great thing
like a relaxation journey
with a hidden wound

An empty beach to extend the step of our life
and it doesn’t matter
that so many kisses
before they got old were taken by the wave

And there, on the edge of the line
we gift our old pieces to those
which were so small
but they casted a shadow in order to look like palaces

I Sotiria Tis Psihis 

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