It’s gone tomorrow – English Lyrics

The lyrics of the song It’s gone tomorrow by Helena Paparizou in English. The song is in English.

Lyrics: Zoi Gripari & Dilda Demirbag
Music: Efthivoulos

It’s gone tomorrow – Helena Paparizou – English Lyrics

I don’t know why I left you here
It was a twist
Unfair, I know it
A lack if faith, yes I was scared
I should have known
You’ve always been there
Do I remember what I said?
You couldn’t tell it was in anger
It’s really hard, I can’t forget
And it’s a memory
I’ll have to live through

It’s gone tomorrow
All of the pain
And all the sorrow
It’s gone tomorrow
I’ll turn the bitter into sweet
It may be hard for you to see it
It takes sometime
But I believe that
Time leads a way
From now on today
You’ll be relieved
Another dawn breaks up
And brings the best of me

I know it’s late and you’re asleep
If it’s a nightmare
I have caused you
The sweetest dream
Is what you need
To wake you up
From all that haunts you

What a little time can do to you
What a little love
Can make you go through
But it’s a fore hard to frame
You live your life
To let it burn you

It's gone tomorrow 

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