Kaimos – Vicky Leandros

Vicky Leandros sings Kaimos, a historical and significant Greek Song which translates to Sorrow in English.

Kaimos is a very popular song, written by the great Greek Composer Mikis Theodorakis. The original version of the song is sung by Grigoris Bithikotsis (and is the best by far) and later by Maria Farantouri. However, the song was included in some of Vicky Leandros albums abroad, making the song known and popular in Europe as well.

The Corfiot singer, Vicky Leandros, with more than 100 million sales of albums internationally, went on a long tribute to Mikis Theodorakis in Europe in 2003, and the video we watch here is a live performance of the song Kaimos from this tour.

The song on the first read sounds like a love song, but it’s actually political, one of these songs written shortly after the Greek Civil war. Popular and significant for the Greek Culture, Kaimos depicts a common theme in Greek Music – the sorrow and efforts of people to survive through adversities.

Music: Mikis Theodorakis
Lyrics: Mikis Theodorakis/ Dimitris Christodoulou
Performed by Vicki Leandros


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  1. I’ ve lived in greece any time , working , singing , prision in the time of dictadors coronells, for singing against them, but now its the pain is gone and I still in love with greece


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