Kainouria agapi – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song Kainouria agapi by Antique translated to English

Kainouria Agapi – English Lyrics

A sun may be laughing to me
each day even more
the moon  speaks to me
straight to the soul
Now it falls in my heart
a gift from the sky
and I open my embrace
that it had been closed for long

A new love stretches out my hand
a new love wish in a star
sets  the heart on fire
a new love closes to me the eye
and i see it now
such a love, an insane and different
you do not find anyhere, nowhere

A star falls in front of me
and i I make a wish
I look in to the mirror
and I see us together

And the love that links us
it is always possible
and (may) the passion that saves us
stays for a lifetime

Kainouria agapi 

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