Kalanta – Despoina Vandi

Despoina Vandi sings Kalanta, a Greek song composed by Foivos which means “Carols” and refers to the Christmas Carols traditionally sung during the holidays in Greece. It is in accordance to the Greek tradition to open the door to children on Christmas Eve and New Year’s eve in order to listen to the Carols, which bring good luck to the house, the landlord and his family.

In the song “Kalanta“, Vandi sings about the carols and her expectations to see her beloved one knocking on her door – instead, she sees just the kids that come to sing the carols of the day.

The song” Kalanta” has nothing to do with the original tune and melody of the Greek Carols, although some of the original lyrics of Carols are incorporated in the song. The song “Kalanta” comes in two different versions, with the one being entirely in the English language, and the other featuring Greek lyrics.

Music, Lyrics: Foivos
Performed by: Despoina Vandi

Kalanta – Despoina Vandi – English Lyrics

Behind the snowy window pane
I wait for you to come again
Long for my ship to come to shore
But no one’s knocking at my door
Children are chanting in the street
Love and togetherness they greet
“Good morning, faithful” they will sing
But I don’t feel the joy they bring
My heart is darkened by the fear
That you won’t be with me this year
And every single memory
Has been engraved inside of me

It’s Christmas Eve and joyful time
Won’t mean a thing if you’re not mine
I lock the door, turn off the light
Still hearing whispers in the night
One carol more, one last refrain
Is gonna mеlt my heart again

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