Kane ligaki ipomoni – Sotiria Bellou

Sotiria Bellou sings the song Kane ligaki ipomoni, a Greek song which translates to Have a little patience in English.

Kane ligaki ipomoni was recorded on November 11th 1948, sung by Bellou and Tsitsanis. It is a song symbol of Greece during the civil war in 1946, with allegoric references to the current issue – the creators of the song were afraid of censorship and punishment, but the messages are quite obvious.

In 1951, the song is included in a list of forbidden songs released by the Greek Police to protect the “morals and religion of the Greeks”. The song reminds everyone that Greece is undergoing a hard time, but as with many songs in Greek music, there is always an urge not to give up. This is a very important issue for the Greeks; they are optimistic people by nature and they always want to look ahead, thinking that they will make things better.

Kane ligaki ipomoni is a song that could be sung for the current conditions in Greece as well. Let’s see if patience will bring something better to Greece.

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