Kapou Nyhtonei – Giorgos Dalaras

Giorgos Dalaras sings Kapou Nyhtonei, a very popular and melodious Greek song, which means “Somewhere night is falling” in English.

Kapou nyhtonei is considered one of the best laika songs, in both music and lyrics by Stavros Kougioumtzis. The song was written in 1970 and was included in Dalaras’ personal album  “Na tane to 21”.

The song is lyric and tender, but so melancholic at the same time; a lost love, a love that is leaving while night is falling. Everything dies, the sun is freezing and time is lost. Doesn’t it always feel that the world ends here when a love dies? Both the lyrics and music of the song depict the pain of the lost love in the most vivid and descriptive way, while Dalaras’ voice marks the song with its characteristic tone and nuance. It is though necessary to say that recently, Manolis Famellos sang the same song in a different orchestration and arrangement, making it sound more like a ballad.

Music: Stavros Kougioumtzis
Lyrics: Stavros Kougioumtzis
Performed by: Giorgos Dalaras



Kapou Nyhtonei 

3 thoughts on “Kapou Nyhtonei – Giorgos Dalaras”

  1. I love his songs 🙂 The most beautiful is “Mi mou thimonis matia mou”, it’s just perfect…and so sad…why you don’t have songs from Giannis Ploutarxos here? He’s one of the best greek singers, great voice and great songs 🙂
    And Michalis Xatzigiannis too, you have just a few his songs 🙁

    • Hi Zeljka! We have some songs by Ploutarchos and Xatzigiannis coming up soon, but Greek Music is indeed so rich and variable that we have to cover all of its aspects 🙂
      Stay tuned though, some nice songs are coming!


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