Kivotos tou Noe – Manos Pyrovolakis

Manos Pyrovolakis sings the song Kivotos tou Noe, a Greek song which means “Noah’s Ark”. The Song Kivotos tou Noe was a candidate at the Greek final for the Eurovision song Contest, but was not chosen by the Greek audience.

Kivotos tou Noe is written in both Greek and English Lyrics and has an intense Cretan rhythm, with Pyrovolakis himself playing the distinctive Cretan Lyra. The song uses an infamous stereotype, the one of Noah’s Ark to talk about the unanimity and love between people. The Noah’s Ark plays the role of the vessel that brings people and souls together and unites them, under the roof of love and rightness.

“I Kivotos tou Noe” is not a typical Greek song, because it combines the modern pop – rock sounds with the sounds of the Cretan Lyra and a more traditional sound. The song managed to blend the modern and the traditional, the catchy title with a nice and welcomed message about love, not specifically the erotic love, but love among people and peoples.

The song did not manage to qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest but it’s already been played in clubs, and it is considered a summer hit, since it’s vibrant and dynamic.

Kivotos tou Noe 

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