Kokkina gialia – Stamatis Kraounakis

Stamatis Kraounakis sings the song Kokkina Gialia, a Greek song which translates to “Red glasses” in English. The song ” Kokkina Gialia” is written and composed by Stamatis Kraounakis himself, who lately decided to sing some of his own songs.

Kokkina Gialia was released in mid 90s and it was one of the first times that the composer was actually singing one of his songs. Although not with a typical singing voice, Kraounakis manages to communicate his message better than many professional singers, probably because he gets the feeling and sense of his own songs better.

Kokkina Gialia is a song about all these moments that we ignore or do not pay attention to. People try to perform well in their lives, be professional, punctuate, reliable.. many things.. but sometimes they fail to live their lives to the full, enjoying these small but important elements of life.

I bought pair of red glasses and I see everything around me like cinema.. How I love this sun, How I love the morning.. sings Kraounakis in a very emotional and touching way, reminding us that life is measured by the moments that take our breath away.

Kokkina gialia is a lovely song, one of the best of the famous Greek composer Stamatis Kraounakis.

Kokkina gialia 

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