Kokkini Grammi – Natasa Theodoridou

Natasa Theodoridou sings Kokkini Grammi, a Greek song about separation and breaking up, which translates to “Red Line”. Giorgos Theofanous has written the lyrics and composed the music for the song Kokkini Grammi.

Natasa Theodoridou has introduced us to many of her songs about separation, break ups and broken hearts, and now she is singing again about separation, drawing a red line to everything that has happened, to a love that took a wrong direction.

There are some moments in life when we cannot stand being in a relationship that hurts so much, when the other person makes so many mistakes. Mistakes can be unbearable, sorrows are way too many, and we feel that the person that was once holding our hand is now letting us go. So we don’t have any other choice than to draw a line to everything that makes us hurt.

Kokkini Grammi 

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