Kosmotheoria – Elli Kokkinou

Elli Kokkinou sings Kosmotheoria, a Greek song written by Foivos, which in English means “World Theory”.

Kosmotheoria practically means universe and world theory and is a word used by the Greeks referring to the mentality and attitude towards life, a way of living. This mentality changes when we are in love; we don’t care “Where the world is going” or “What’s happening to others” but we usually care only about seeing our significant one, spending our day and night with him. Love makes us live in our own world, a place where only our partner and lover exists, only he is important and significant. Usually our lover is everything, our breath and air, our laughter and tears, the spice of our life.

Foivos wrote one of the most popular modern laika songs about love and its effect on our life, and Elli sings it perfectly adding to the song a little of her personal and distinctive touch and sensuality .

Music: Foivos
Lyrics: Foivos
Performed by: Elli Kokkinou




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