Krymmeni Agapi – Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou sings the song Krymmeni Agapi, a Greek love song which translates to “Hidden Love”. The song is also known with the title “Love will find you wherever you may be” which gave the name to the CD album released by Alexiou recently.

The song Krymmeni Agapi is a lovely, tender and very sensitive song, about love and expectation for love; love is awaiting for us always, even hidden in the ashes. We need to prepare ourselves, we need to be deprived of love in order to appreciate it and learn how to live with it. When we need love, we need to make our life map from scratch, and allow it to come and burn us in its flames.

It’s not only that we like Haris Alexiou a lot, but in the song Krymmeni Agapi, she proves once more why she is one of the most important Greek singers. She delivers a heart-wrenching and warm performance in a tough to sing song, and writes herself lyrics that speak directly to our heart.

It is worth saying that the song Krymmeni Agapi, is the Greek adaptation of a Neapolitan Song, called “Ammore Annascunnuto”.

Krymmeni Agapi 

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