Last Summer – Nikos Gkanos

Nikos Gkanos sings the song Last summer, a Greek song with English lyrics that became the super summer hit in 2010.

Last Summer is the biggest dance hit of 2010, but only few knew at the beginning that this song had a Greek flavor…

When Last summer was first heard on the radios everyone thought that it was one of the American dance hits we are used to. And then we found out that a young boy, named Nikos Gkanos was behind it.

We got to know Nikos a few years ago when he appeared at Super Idol. Now, he is the singer of the song that everyone dances at the beach, on the bars, in the car at the traffic lights..everywhere!

Nikos Gkanos became famous due to the song “Koita ti ekanes“. A little before the summer of 2010 he released the second CD single called Last Summer, which became an instant hit, due to its dynamic and rhythmic sound.

It has a very catchy beat, ideal for summer, clubs and light mood. The video clip of the song is also summery and refreshing, following the norms of modern music; we do have to admit, though, that Greek music is rarely that rhythmic when it comes to dance hits.

Last Summer is a song that could easily make an international career if it was released in another country.

Last Summer 

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