Malista kyrie – Giorgos Zampetas

Giorgos Zampetas sings Malista kyrie, a Greek song which translates to Aye sir. This song was composed by Zampetas and performed originally by him.

Zampetas is a peculiar case of artist. An amazing composer and lyric writer, with a very distinctive voice and tone, who stood out due to his sense of humor, his sarcastic tone and his liberal way of thinking and writing.

The lyrics of this song have a double meaning. At first, it is a love song, one of these odd songs created by Zampetas. However, according to his own words, this song could also have a political meaning, if considering it as a comment to the political conditions of the time.

Therefore, the subject of the song is either the decision of a man to leave his woman because she is unfaithful – although still inlove with her – or the man is ready to leave his country, because he cannot cope with the current conditions. In that sense, this song would be quite appropriate for Greece today as well.



Malista kyrie 

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