Maria me ta kitrina – Dimitra Galani

Dimitra Galani sings Maria me ta kitrina, which means “Maria in Yellow” in English,  a Greek Song written by Vassilis Dimitriou. This is a song that belongs to the category of light laika songs as we say in Greece and is a traditional folk song adapted in its known version by Vassilis Dimitriou in 1972.

Maria in Yellow has always been a song to refer to in several articles or motos, since its playful mood and its simple but witty lyrics have always been the ground for jokes. Who does Maria love more, the husband or the neighbor? This is a question that Maria answers in the song, and it seems she wants them both, just in case.

Galani sings the song with the necessary lightness and fun, although its lyrics refer to a clear case of infidelity. Of course we still consider Maria an independent woman, and the song manages to bring us a big smile, due to the lightness and easiness with which it handles such an important matter.

Lyrics:Vassilis Dimitriou (adaptation)
Music:Vassilis Dimitriou
Performed by: Dimitra Galani


Maria me ta kitrina 

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