Megalosa – Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou sings Megalosa, a Greek song which translates to “I grew old”. Megalosa is a song written and composed by Haris Alexiou herself. It’s not the typical song you would expect to hear from Alexiou. It’s far from that actually. It’s almost like a hip-hop song, a narration of a story. It’s the understanding of a woman who grows older and sees her life in retrospective, commenting on the reality of her life and the life of those who surround her.

Megalosa is a surprise; almost a risk one could say for Alexiou, who chooses to let herself be exposed. It’s a song that is based on the strength and sharpness of its lyrics, its probing and exploring lyrics that will hit their target even if you haven’t thought that you are growing up before. Even if you haven’t thought what it really feels like growing up in this world, living a life like that.

Megalosa is a song that has already left its mark in the history of Greek Music, voted as the best song of 2009 from all radio stations in Greece. Even if you don’t have the chance to see and listen to Alexiou singing it live, giving an almost theatrical performance, you can read the lyrics and then listen to the song, or watch the interesting video clip.


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