O Metoikos – English lyrics

The lyrics of the songĀ O Metoikos by Georges Moustaki translated to English

O Metoikos – English lyrics

Like a cloud left by the weather
all alone in the sky
as a child I hit the road

I walked all over the earth
with a song in my heart
and the rain on my shoulders.

With these arms for wings
which never knew joy
I fought the wave.

And I had deep inside me a wound
a love that found no [place on] earth,
lost in misfortune.

With my face so darkened
by the merciless sun
I disappeared in the night,

And love took me there
where I had a kiss on my lips,
but company I had none

With my heart a wound
I have walked all over this earth
the one I had to live on

But they took away from me, both together,
the dream and the dawn
and I leave before starting

Like a cloud left by the weather
all alone in the sky
I will come back to you

In that rain
in which I left you one morning
and wasted my life

I will come back out of the past
like a bird up from the South
to knock at the door

It will be a bitter springtime
when everything opens up on earth
and I will start over from the beginning.


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