Mia nihta mono – Thirio and Foureira

Thirio meets Eleni Foureira in a new Greek song called Mia nihta mono, which means “Just one night” in English. It is a very rhythmic love song composed by Giannis Petinaris, on lyrics written by Thirio.

The song Mia nihta mono is a sexy dance song, with a fresh and dynamic rhythm that has already made it a summer hit for 2010.

This was a surprising collaboration between Eleni Foureira and Thirio, marked by an interesting video clip as you can see it here, created by Family the Label. Eleni Foureira is a relatively new addition to the Greek pop music stage, remembered by her participation in the group Mystique until some time ago. She appears here in her first solo song, proving that pop music has a lot to expect from her.

Mia nihta mono is an ideal song to dedicate to your significant other, since it refers to a love that is waiting the right moment to explode. Just one night is enough!

Mia nihta mono 

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