Mistletoe and Wine – Michalis Hatzigiannis

Michalis Hatzigiannis sings Mistletoe and Wine, a Christmas song which is also known in Greece with the title Hristougenna ( which means Christmas).

As all major singers in Greece, Michalis also started singing songs for the holy days of Christmas and this one stands out due to the English Lyrics. It is a song for the days of Christmas with mistletoe and wines, children singing Carols and holy songs, gifts and families sitting by the fire. It is a nice and warm Christmas song for the times we rejoice in the good we see around us, in the times we wish to spend with our beloved ones. Christmas is anyway the time of year we usually spend with the people we cherish the most and this song reminds us of that.

It is a lovely Christmas song and Michalis’ voice makes it even nicer and warmer..

Music and Lyrics: Cliff Richard

Mistletoe and Wine 

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