Mono mia fora – Kostas Makedonas

Kostas Makedonas sings the song Mono mia fora, a Greek song which translates to Only once in English.

Mono mia fora is a song composed and written by Stamatis Kraounakis. It is a love song released in 1991, and allow me to say that it’s probably one of the most sentimental and sensitive love songs.

Kostas Makedonas sings: Only once, we fell in love, we met again and then I never called you again,… How is it possible though, to fall in love with someone, spend time with him and then persuade yourself never to call him again? The song was anyway written for a “forbidden love”, an encounter that is considered by some people somewhat “marginal” or anyway not totally accepted.

Mono mia fora is a song about a love that cannot be lived to the full because it is unconventional and because it will obviously cause many problems to everyone involved; this is why despite the bitter tears and sorrow it is only once.  Again though… isn’t love above all? At least real love? How can some social conventions get in the middle of love and prevent two people from living together as they should?

Mono mia fora by Kostas Makedonas is a song dedicated to these love affairs that had to end in an unpleasant and unwelcoming  way. 

  • Mono mia fora - Kostas Makedonas

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