My number one – Helena Paparizou

Helena Paparizou sings My number one, a Greek song which managed to become famous all over Europe, and make Greeks finally happy about winning at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Helena Paparizou was the ideal person to win the Contest with her superb stage performance, beauty and good voice. We should definitely appreciate the song as well, which was cleverly made: a catchy title, an even catchier rhythm and pleasant lyrics. The music composed by Christos Dantis is actually perfect for a modern pop song – regardless of contests. It combines a modern dance rhythm with traditional Greek sounds from bouzouki and Greek Lyra, which is surprisingly well incorporated in the song.

My number one is a love song, one of those that stick to your head and you sing it even if it’s not exactly your “type” of songs. Maybe that is why we won in this contest anyway – except for Helena Paparizou’s natural charm.

My number one 

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