Myrtia – Mairi Linda

Mairi Linda sings Myrtia, a Greek song composed by Mikis Theodorakis, with lyrics written by Nikos Gatsos.

The title of the song Myrtia refers to a female name, Myrto, but also translates to myrtle.

The story behind the song is quite interesting: In 1957, Theodorakis was living between Athens and Paris. At some point, when he was in Greece, he met the lyric writer Nikos Gatsos. They spent some time together and obviously Gatsos met Theodorakis’ wife, Myrto, and he was so thrilled that wrote the lyrics for the song Myrtia within just 24 hours.

Myrtia would become the most popular song of the album called “Archipelagos”. The song Myrtia was originally recorded by Giovanna, with the orchestration organized by Manos Hajdidakis, and was released in an LP that had the song Honeymoon on the other side.

Myrtia was again recorded later by Mairi Linda and Manolis Chiotis, orchestrated by Mikis Theodorakis.

Myrtia was performed by many singers later on, among who Grigoris Bithikotsis and more. It is a truly lovely Greek song, and is among the songs of Theodorakis that were internationally known.

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