New album by Rous

Rous, the known Greek singer who made a blast with his song “To ksereis m’areseis” (You know, I like you), is about to release a new album. Rous writes his first song for a motion picture, entitled “Idiaiteri schesi” (Special relationship).  The song is heard in the movie “Once upon…a baby”, a new Greek movie.

The song Idiaiteri schesi is the first new song by Rous, after the “To ksereis m’areseis”. Rous plays most of the instruments heard in the song. Rous manages to approach the younger generations with a modern and intriguing sound, creating a personal type of rock music, which is original and sincere, enhanced by the spontaneity of a creative young artist.

We are looking forward to listen to the rest of the songs in the new album by Rous.

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