Nychterini ekpompi – Afroditi Manou

Afroditi Manou sings Nychterini Ekpompi , a Greek song which translates to Night Radio Show.

Nychterini Ekpompi is an old beloved song that talks about the unexpected games of love and life in a humorous and funny way.

A sudden and unexpected love can come to our lives any moment; on the road during early night hours, at the beach, in the supermarket, the kiosk. It doesn’t matter if it is a love at first sight or a simple crush, but desire can become huge and you might feel as if you have been wrapped by huge tentacles, as Manou sings in the Nychterini Ekpompi.

However, some love affairs are not meant to bloom, and some new meetings will never become a true love. And that’s fine, because love requires more than a smile, a quick interaction during the night or a smile.

He followed her for a while with the car, looked at her, made her feel nicely upset and the night became bright all of a sudden. But time had already decided differently, so the stranger made a turn at the first traffic light and a sudden love ended before even starting.

Whatever the reason was…Manou sings “have a good night friend”…



Nychterini ekpompi 

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