O anthropos mou – English Lyrics

The lyrics of the song O anthropos mou by Haris Alexiou translated to English

Music: Haris Alexiou
Lyrics: Haris Alexiou
Performed by: Haris Alexiou

O anthropos mou – English Lyrics

A time will come
when I will have a feeling of belonging
A clean man will come – like the light
and I will be his shadow
he will hold my hand tight
and bring me nothing but clean words

If I could only meet a man who says yes and means it
Whose smile is there even when I turn my head away
His words would be made of gold
he would have pride and honor
Day and night I’ ll always win the bet
I’d look in his eyes and still be myself
I’d say and mean it that he is my man

Though i have suffered much
I can delete all that at once
And give myself to him
Surrender – even if I will cry again
If he could bring just for once
A couple of clean words into my empty hands

O anthropos mou 

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