O dromos – Manos Loizos

Manos Loizos sings the song “Dromos” a popular and beloved Greek song which means “The Street” in English. It is one of the songs that marked an era, associated with the era of the dictatorship in Greece the years 1967-1974.

The story behind the song is interesting; it was originally composed in 1965, sung  a little later by Soula Birbili, but Loizos was not able to record it due to his opposition to the regime that came in 1967.

When the dictatorship fell in 1974, Loizos and the lyric writer Manos Rassoulis decided to gather the songs associated with the Greek Junta and the resistance of the Greeks against the Colonels to create a new album. He decided to perform most of the songs himself, and one of the songs recorded then with Loizos’ voice is Dromos.

Dromos is a song that stirs the senses still today, and the singers who sing it in concerts always invite people to join their voices and sing along. It is rhythmic and vivid, meaningful and touching.

The video here shows Manos Loizos singing the intro of the song and the rest of the video is from an open concert at the Olympic Stadium of Athens in 1985, a concert tribute to Manos Loizos after his death.

O dromos 

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