Oi filoi mou haramata – Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou sings “Oi filoi mou haramata“,  a Greek Song meaning “My friends at dawn”.

With “Oi Filoi Mou haramata” Haris Alexiou amazes us with her gracious voice full of longing and love in this song that she composed and wrote lyrics for.

“My friends at dawn” tell us a story we can easy identify with: “What am I doing here, with so much love around me?” When love is everywhere, laughter and joy paint the air, when dawn opens its veils to cherish the lovers…And behind the door, there is loneliness and longing…a wish “to be part of their joy” and wish to “hide from everyone”.

The song starts with a heavy feeling of sadness mixed in Alexiou’s voice and sighs, but soon turns into a rhythm and melody that you simply cannot resist. Let’s be one of Alexiou’s friends at dawn while listening to the song…

Oi filoi mou haramata 

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  1. Just discovered this website. What a great resource. Haris Alexiou is not only a very talented singer but a beautiful poet/songwriter. This song gave me goose-bumps.


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