Ola i tipota – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song Ola i tipota by Michalis Hatzigiannis translated to English

Ola i Tipota – English Lyrics

What if you broke me into pieces
I will put myself back together
again in front of your two eyes
I will stand up
and with heart in my hands
I will tell you
take me to stars
or straight to the steep

Take me, give me away
or forget me

take me, keep me
or leave me
love me, kiss me
or hate me
all or nothing with you
all or nothing with you

I don’t feel sorry for myself
even If I destroy myself
I don’t have a body of my own
so as to mind its loss

whatever I saw, whatever I heard
all was you
sometimes you were sunshine
sometimes prison.

Ola i Tipota 

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